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Ill be short I'm certain you are busy.  I am in states just to clarify.  Over her there is a company called ..............godaddy.com. It allows you to more or less rent a website and pay them a monthly fee. I want a website I own outright 100% (if its available).  And if you know about this how do i go about purchasing it?

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Owning and hosting a website are two separate processes. You can have them both done by one company,
but my preference is to use two separate companies.

Firstly, register the site. This ensures the site is definitely owned by you. You can use register.com,
for example. This will first check the site and if it's available, you'll be able to buy it there and
then. The site is then yours. Let me say I get no commission from register.com but I'm fairly happy
with their service, I'm sure there are plenty of others too. They are USA based, though I prefer
'live chat' on the web itself, as it's free. Having done your registering, you probably won't have
much to do with the register site for another year.

Secondly you need to have a host for your website - this is where you'll actually ftp your site to. You
can use register.com, but personally I've not been happy with their service, and I've used a company
called hostgator to do this - details of them are at http://www.headingleysigns.com/hostgator. I do
get a tiny commission from recommending them. They are also USA based.

You might well find that hostgator, godaddy etc will do both services for you, but let me emphasize
very strongly that if you do this, you must make sure it really is you that owns the site. If you
look at register.com and put my site in (headingleysigns.com), click the 'whois' box and you'll see
my name. If you don't own the site, you can get all sorts of problems later. Quite frankly, I think
if you don't own the site, I think you might as well use a free hosting service.

You now need to link your site registration to your host. Let's say you've registered with register.com
and chosen hostgator as your host. Then hostgator will give you two 'DNS Servers', and what you then
do is log on to register.com and set up the DNS Servers there. That's it! There servers may look like
ns..hostgator.com, or they may be actual ip addresses.

You can now forget about register.com and look at ftp on hostgator or godaddy or whoever, but that's
another ball game. As I say, I've been happy with hostgator so far, but let's say you had a problem
with your hosting service and decide to change it. Then you can simply go back to register.com and
change the DNS Servers, as you're the owner. If 'godaddy' own both, it can get messy.

I will be doing a youtube video of this at some point, but I hope that helps you today.


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