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Hi there,

please assist me with the following questions:

1. how do we create websites , Like proper ".com " websites not blogspot types?

2. If i buy a website with my selected title from lets say 'go daddy' , will it contain a watermark or something like that suggesting that the website actually belongs to them ?

3. When companies build their websites like "www.tata.com" or "www.pfizer.com" , do they buy it from somewhere and pay to them on a regular basis or what ?

4. some people online offer to build websites for u for a fee , is there no way that we can create our own genuine ".com" website without paying anyone ?

thanks a lot , waiting for your reply.

Dear Nishant,

Let me try to answer your questions all in one go.

You start by registering a site, such as 'mysite.com'. This ensures the site is definitely owned by you. You
can use register.com, for example. This will first check the site and if it's available, you'll be able to
buy it there and then. The site is then yours. Let me say I get no commission from register.com but I'm fairly happy with their service, I'm sure there are plenty of others too. They are USA based, though I prefer 'live chat' on the web itself, as it's free.

If you go to register.com and look up tata.com and pfizer.com, with the 'who is' facility, you will see who
owns them.

Registering the site will just get you a 'site coming soon'. To make it properly live you need to host the
site. This is where godaddy and the like come in. These companies can do the registration as well but my
strong preference is not to let them do that, for the reason you stated, that they register the site to
themselves, not you. Both registering and hosting .com sites costs, but not a lot, unless the .com is
'maths.com' or similar.

The final stage is building the website. You can do this yourself simply by building it in word, for
example, and then uploading it, so that can be free. If you want something with a real design quality,
then you might want to pay out.

Example: my site, www.headingleysigns.com, cost me $70 for two years, then six months hosting at
hostgator (see www.headingleysigns.com/hostgator) has cost me $53.70. I have built the site myself, so that
cost is nothing, but for .com sites, you will have to pay for registering and hosting.


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