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Dear Expert,
I'm having a outback country wedding in July. I'm having trouble deciding on colors. What colors would look good with a summer country wedding? Any suggestions for me?


Hi Loraina,

How much fun will this be!  (Need a wedding coordinator?!?!)

Since it's going to be in the country, how about white and yellow, the color of daisies?  If it's around July 4, you could use red, white and blue.  Vibrant colors are good for summer, like combinations of yellow, reds, greens and orange.  You could do a mono-color, and select shades of the color. Natural colors are always good. How formal do you want to be? This will have a bearing on the type of flowers you will want to select.  What are your favorite colors?  Think about this then go from there.

When selecting colors, try to get one that works for all your attendants.  For example, many people can't wear orange or yellow, but look good in cream, blue and shades of reds or greens.  Hope this helps.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or if I can be of additional assistance.  


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