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Hello!  I am getting married in 4 months, my parents are not paying for the wedding but have given me a small amount towards the dress. Two days ago my father left my mom for another woman after 39 yrs of marriage. At this moment I do not want my father at the wedding or reception, is this wrong?  I do to want to put my mother in an bad situation and I am definitely no inviting my fathers new "girl". But is it ok to exclude him from the wedding in its entirety?

Congratulations on your engagement.  It is not a good time to have family troubles, is it?  I'm sorry your happy news is being shadowed by your parent's troubles.

As a bride, you are always free to not invite someone to your wedding.  However, the thing to remember is that the decisions you make about your wedding sometimes have a far reaching consequence.

Obviously, if you intend to exclude your father from your wedding, you won't be asking him to contribute financially to it.  

I definitely understand wanting to make sure your mother gets to enjoy the day.  Have you discussed this situation with your mother?  Is she aware you want to leave your father of the guest list?  Often times parents, even the middle of a divorce, are capable of rallying for the sake of their child and can manage to get along just fine at the wedding.  You just have to make sure the relevant the photographer and DJ..are aware of the circumstance.  Of course, you will want to seat them at separate tables.

If your mother supports your choice, I suggest you at least write your father and explain to him why you are making that decision.  Avoid a lot of blaming or aggression, just be matter of fact.  I would like to think that he will understand the situation.

You have a new family now...your soon to be husband and his family.  Ask for and use their support.  Get input from people you trust that can help you sort out reactionary feelings from the reality of the situation.  Perhaps you have a pastor or counselor you can discuss this with?

There is nothing 'wrong' with asking your father to not attend, given the circumstances.  But, you have to ask yourself that when you look back on this day five, ten, twenty years from now, will you still be ok with your choice?  Also, ask yourself if his absence could possibly cause more problems than his presence.  Do you have family members like grandparents, aunts & uncles or cousins that will notice his absence....or even be offended by it?  Will these people 'boycott' your wedding if you exclude him?

Ultimately, you should focus on choices that both allow you to celebrate your new marriage but also leave you feeling secure about your future.

With enough self examination, I think you will find the right balance for your particular circumstances.

Good luck, enjoy the day, and let me know if you have more questions.


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