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Help, we had a venue and they have cancelled on us.  My daughter's wedding is May 11, 2013, we found a back up fairly quickly but now we have some decorating issues.  Her reception will be in a church gym, as of the time of the wedding there is only one electrical outlet.  We had already planned on using lots of candles on the tables for the romantic ambiance, but were also going to string white lights from the ceiling.  With only one plug, we can't do that.  Can you give me some other ideas of how to light the reception on a budget?  Most of everything has been DIY, any ideas would be great. Thanks

Hi Shana,

I'd recommend you get in touch with a lighting expert, someone who does event lighting.  They are used so such problems and will have a good solution. If you can tell me where you are, I'll be glad to help you locate someone.  Also, if you are going to use a lot of candles, I'd recommend you use the LED candles.  They aren't expensive, and there's no chance of fire.  


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