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I am a bride to be and am having trouble figuring out how to word my wedding invitations. My parents were divorced when I was nine.  My father passed away when I was 18. My mother is remarried when I was 20. My groom's parents are still married. Both sets of parents are paying for the wedding. How do I word the invitation?

I do not want it to sound too redundant but I do want it to make sense. Of course my family is aware of the situation, but I do not want his family to be totally confused. Please help!

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Invitation wording presents a challenge for many couples.  You are not alone in your situation!

The easiest solution is to simply word it as "The parents of Bride Middle LastName and Groom Middle Last Name" but that may not always work. Another easy out option is your names followed by "along with their parents...." If your wedding is formal you certainly want the parents names on the invitation.

Protocol says that a deceased parent's name should never be on an invitation for the obvious reason that a non-living person can not invite someone to attend an event.  Sentiment may say otherwise.  I've seen invitations go out that say the Late Parent Name.  However, you can honor your father by including his name in the program.

To use names of all living relatives, try:

Mr. and Mrs. Stepfather and Bridesmother Lastname
Mr. and Mrs. Groomsfather and Groomsmother Lastname
request the honour of your presence (this part can have many other options as well)
at the marriage of their children

Bride Middle Lastname (assuming your last name is not the same as your remarried mother's name.)
Groom Middle Lastname

If you decide to include your deceased father's name on the invitation it would go after your mother and stepfather, on a separate line and before the groom's parents' names.

You can always put your names first on the wording and then follow that with
the children of
along with their parents
and then include the names.

Some of your options will also be dictated by your specific invitation as the placement for the couple's name may be required to fall in a certain place.

Your invitation dealer or wedding planner should be able to provide further guidance.

Hope this was helpful!  Do bear in mind that while you will read many rules of protocol, ultimately, there are no wedding police and as long you, the groom, and your parents are happy as well as the guests have clear information, it is all going to be fine.  Luckily, the marriage is legal (when performed by the requirements of your state's laws) regardless of how any invitation is worded!

Good luck!


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