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I am baptized Catholic and my fiance is not baptized at all. He was married once before and we are not able to marry in the Catholic church because they would not grant us an annulment. With that said I would still like to get married in a church. How do i go about finding out who and what church will allow non members to marry there? Can a justice of the peace marry you in a church?

Some churches allow non-members to marry, some do not.  Often, different churches of the same denomination within the same city will vary.  In this case, the only substitute to making the calls yourself is to consult an expert in your particular wedding market.  

I would suggest that you start by calling your local 'non denominational' Christian churches.  I find that, where I am, the Methodist and Presbyterian denominations are more open to non members marrying at their church.  Some may allow a justice of the peace.  If you want to get married in a church, however, consider simply allowing their resident pastor to officiate.  Often when they know a church home is important to a couple, they will spend the time to help you find the perfect balance.

There may be former churches that are now private wedding or banquet venues in your city as well.

Look for churches that are advertising in your local bridal magazines...that may be a big tip off regarding their openness to non members.

Keep a list of who you've called, and, their policies or rules to help make the search more simple.

Start with churches that are in your desired part of town and work from there.

Do consider calling a local Bridal Consultant to inquire about single hour consultations....time with this experienced professional can really help you understand your options.

There should be a few 'wedding celebrants' or 'officiants' in your area that are not affiliated with a specific church.  Type 'wedding minister' and the name of your city in a search window and see what pops up.  These officiants may also know which churches will allow non members to marry in their church AND bring their own officiant.  

It is very possible to do what you're trying to do, but, it is going to take some research.  You can do it yourself or you can pay someone who already knows the area to narrow your list.

Good luck!!  Let me know what you end up doing!


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