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I am getting married soon and am in the process of doing the invitations.
It is a second marriage for me and a first marriage for my fiances.  We are hosting the wedding.  Is it proper to say

as we are united in the
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

We will be having the ceremony is a chapel and will be having communion.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  While all churches understand Holy Communion as a sacrament, not all churches understand marriage as a sacrament.  The Roman Catholic church understands the Rite of Marriage as a sacrament "with God's love being present to the spouses, in their total union, and also flows through them to their family and community."  (  

If this service is taking place in a Roman church,and the priest understands this to be a second marriage (there are rules governing this also) then using the words "united in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony" are appropriate.  

In the Episcopal and Lutheran churches, the words "Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage" are appropriate as in:  "xx and xx invite you to the Celebration and Blessing of their Marriage on ___ at ___ ".  Since you are hosting the wedding, it is entirely appropriate to use your names only on the invitations, but you may include parents:  "xx and xx together with their parents, invite you to the celebration and blessing of their marriage.."
Other wording to consider:  Rite of Marriage, Holy Matrimony, The Union.  You can probably find other examples online.  


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