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barb wrote at 2012-04-04 06:29:10
I had this poem, hoping to find it for a friend. it was given to Mrs Norman Vincent peale at her bridal shower it said when you want to say you're sorry, fill the goblet with water and put it on the table and it's done and over. supposed to use an antique wine glass to show that couples everywhere thru time have had difficulties. This poem makes all the females at the shower cry. I need to find it too...

Dawn wrote at 2016-05-26 15:21:30

You are probably wondering why you would receive just one glass as a gift, but this is a very special type of glass. It is called the FORGIVENESS GLASS May this be the least used gift you get.

It has just one use. As in any marriage, small arguments, disagreements, and even large scale fighting occurs. With these also comes tears, harsh words, walls of silence, etc., and happiness is gone. When you two are angry with each other, one of you should get this glass, fill it with any liquid, from water to champagne, bring it to the other, and the two of you share forgiveness. It does not matter who was right or wrong, do not count those times. Instead, count the blessings you two are sharing as husband and wife.


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