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I want to lose weight and have often in the past done whole-day fasts lasting from 4 to 7 days. I am well aware that the body reduces its metabolic-rate when faced with starvation, but I was wondering how much light/moderate/intense levels of exercise can negate that effect?

I am not a fan of fasts and here is why, and nothing you do by way of exercise will keep the reduction of the metabolism from happening.  Worse than the metabolism dropping is that the body continues to metabolize and burn SOMETHING for energy to pump the heart, move the blood, breathe....  

That something it burns is smooth muscle. Definition of Smooth Muscle: Smooth muscle is found within the walls of blood vessels (such smooth muscle specifically being termed vascular smooth muscle) such as in the tunica media layer of large (aorta) and small arteries, arterioles and veins. Smooth muscle is also found in lymphatic vessels, the urinary bladder, uterus (termed uterine smooth muscle), male and female reproductive tracts, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, arrector pili of skin, the ciliary muscle, and iris of the eye. The structure and function is basically the same in smooth muscle cells in different organs, but the inducing stimuli differ substantially, in order to perform individual effects in the body at individual times. In addition, the glomeruli of the kidneys contain smooth muscle-like cells called mesangial cells.

Are you freaked out that you are actually compromising your body with prolonged fasting.The key is to eat right.  Stay with fresh produce. Lean meats and drink lots of water. Watch the carbohydrate you take in including the vegetables. Look at every label you can and keep your carbohydrate grams low.  On the average people eat hundreds of carbs a day, sometimes thousands. When you do that your body dumps sugar into the blood stream (blood sugar) and the pancreas releases insulin which stores all that sugar as fat. This is a simplified discussion. Remember when it metabolizes carbs turn into sugar.

My advice is to stop eating root vegetables (no carrots, potatoes, turnips, onions). Eat no bread or pasta regardless of what kind of grain it is. No oatmeal and initially no rice.

Then select lean meats, eggs (I prefer one egg with additional egg whites -- I can't stand just egg whites, but whites are good). Saute vegetables and add the eggs. Put a little pesto on them or a little salsa for taste.  Chicken, fish are fabulous. 4-6 oz of protein. Don't go wild with cheese but an ounce is good for a snack.

What I am describing is a diabetic diet. You are trying to keep your insulin at a minimum so the body will burn the fat you already have on you. I know you only asked about exercise but I am compelled to tell you about a healthier alternative for your weight loss.  This is permanent.
Be Well, Karen

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