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I am an older Gal playing rec. indoor soccer once a week. Its pretty laid back-nobody runs too hard ;-).
I am trying to get in better shape but any running for any length of  time has always hurt my feet and knees. P.S. I have good runners.
I have an old manual incline treadmill. Would walking on this for a few minutes a day be worthwhile? It would be easier than driving to the gym or buying a new motorized treadmill. Thanks!

Hi Sue if running hurts your knees and feet I would stay away from it.  I would try other things, such as swimming, biking, elliptical machines.  Anything that gets the pressure off the knees and feet.

You also have the option of doing intervals.  Smaller bursts of higher intensity exercise.  Here is a link that will give you some samples:


If your goal is to have a better soccer game, aerobic training is required.  Just try to find something that you enjoy and isn't bad for the lower body.  Walking is good for the heart, but won't improve your soccer game all that much.  Sorry.

Hope it helps.  

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