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Hi there,

   Lately i have been focusing on my abs when working out, trying to get that 6 pack we all want. I have a 4 pack, and you can see the 6 pack coming in, but i was wondering what exercises i can do to get rid of the little bit of extra fat just under the belly button. Currently i am doing crunches and reverse crunches.



Hi Nate,

Sorry for the delay in getting to your question as things have been a bit hectic lately. The question you ask is quite familar to anyone in the fitness industry as it is a problem many people have. First of all that is great you have a 4 pack/almost 6 pack as genetically not everyone can get this. It must be noted that no exercise will specifically burn the fat in a specific area, in your case your lower abdominal region. This is because it is impossible to "spot reduce" or only burn fat in one specific spot. When your body burns fat it does so everywhere in your body. The crunch's/reverse crunch's you have been doing are great for toning the ab muscles and making them stand-out after the fat has been reduced but will not in it's self burn fat in the lower abdominal region. Now, what you need to do to make the muscles more visible is increase your calorie expenditure. I am sure you have done the typical jog/run, bicycle or elliptical machine, and all those are good. But to really burn calories, you should try mixing your cardio sessions with burts of energy with steady state lower intensity activity. For example you may go running and after 10 minutes into the run, go all out sprinting as fast as you can for 100 yards, then return to a fast jog for 200 yards, then another full out sprint for a 100 yards etc. These distances are just examples, you can adjust them accordingly to what your body can endure. This can be done in swimming or any activity. Swim 2 laps full bore, then a lap at normal swim pace, then another lap or two at full pace. This type of activity has been shown to raise your BMR the most efficiently. Lastly you will want to watch your diet with what you are eating. Carbs are great and essential, but primarily when you are being active. Not sitting down watching TV as carbs quickly get stored as fat when not being utilized as fuel. The 3 sources of fuel in the order they are utilized is carbs, protein, fats. Your body views fat as a survival fuel source and stores this, therefore it is reluctant to spend it as fuel which is why it is so difficult to burn fat.
Well Nate I hope this information has been useful to you and I wish you much success in your endeavor. If I can be of further assistance to you in any way in this matter or any other, please let me know and I will try to answer your question more quickly next time.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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