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Weightlifting & Exercise/how much is too much at my age?


I am 53. I have no major health issues except for being at least 30 pounds overweight.
In the last few months, thanks to a low fat (tried low carb for years didnt work) diet and a daily session on my elliptical, I am very slowly losing weight, about a pound a month.
My job is sedentary-I sit for eight hours a night driving, and since I work nights,I have a lot of time during the day to exercise.
Would it be overdoing it to increase my daily elliptical sessions from the current 30 minutes to an hour or even more?
I have found that for me,anyway, long, cardio sessions seem to burn fat better than 'HIIT' sessions.
I dont find them boring as I watch  TV while on the elliptical, and I dont hurt afterwards, which is why I had to sell the treadmill which was hard on my feet and knees.
Other than being a couch potato, I dont have much else to do until I go to work but exercise. My previous jobs were quite physical and I needed to rest-forget exercising. I figure doing more low impact exercise should be OK, but I dont want to overdo it at my age.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hello Bud.

You are doing everything correct.

The elliptic machine ALSO increases metabolism and blood flow. Two factors people, over age 40, need to do, to stay healthy and happy, as they get older.

One thing that will help also; do the elliptical machine movements slowly. That will burn more fat. If you are in pain afterwards, speed up a bit, you are going too slow.

A pound a month? That is 52 pounds per year. Which is a lot.

Try to include once-a-week weightlifting. That will increase your muscle mass and strength, make your bones stronger.

Good for you. You are doing the right things.

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