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QUESTION: I am fourteen years old, weigh 78 kilos and have a height of 5 feet 9 inches. For the past three weeks exercise has been a priority i run on the treadmill and have begun weight training accompanied by a reduction in calorie intake and an increase in fruits and vegetables in my diet. my main focus is my thighs and stomach along with overall weightless. i feel that my thighs are quite bulky round and muscular i would like to make them thin and lean without building to much muscle. i would appreciate it if you could recommend some exercises and a specific diet to help me reach my goal towards a flat stomach, lean legs and overall weight loss to my target weight of 65 kilos. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Mina,

Thank you for writing in.  It sounds as you are off to a great start to reach you desired weight by watching your diet and exercising.  Being consistent, along with a proper plan will help you towards your goals, as well as maintaining them once you reach it.

The first thing to note is that you have to keep at this sometimes for a while before you see results.  Three weeks is usually too soon to see any noticeable changes in the mirror, although you might note some on the scale.

Having said this, can you explain some more about what you have currently been doing on the treadmill in terms of time and intensity (for example, speed)?  Also, how many days per week are you exercising on it?  

Once I have these variables, I will be better able to assist you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: When it comes to using the treadmill i have recently changed my routine. i realised that i was running at a pace that was too fast and so i would run out of breath quickly due to my astama so i switched to a moderate pace which allowed me to keep going for longer. At the moment i have been using the treadmill at a pace between 7 and 8.5 kph for 35 and occasionally 45 minutes a day seven days a week. Right now it seems a bit intense and i struggle to reach my ideal time on the treadmill but i'm getting the hang of it and becoming more consistant.if you have any suggestions regarding a diet along with the exercises  to speed up ther process please let me know. Thankyou- Mina

Hi Mina,

Definitely keep working out, and keep up the great effort.  If you are finding it difficult to reach the time length you wish for working out, perhaps you should take 1 day off a week, which is a very common thing to do.  It will allow your body to recover a bit, so that you will have more energy to exercise next time.  In terms of the time on the treadmill, try to increase the time slowly, if that is what you are trying to do.  By slowly, I mean at 30 seconds on to the previous time the last time you exercised.  Just don't make big leaps, otherwise you may find it more difficult than gradual increases.

Also, you could try varying the speeds a bit by doing something called interval training.  You may want to read a bit about this on the internet, but it basically works by varying light jogging with faster jogging, cycling between these two.  For example, after a good 5 minute warm-up, perhaps do a faster pace for 30 seconds, and then bring the pace back down to normal for 2 minutes.  Then repeat this.  You can play with the time intervals for faster and slower as you like, but just allow enough recovery time.  This may help avoid issues that you were having with your astama, but if you still find that is to be an issue, then stick with what you are currently doing if that feels best.

As for diet, since I don't know what you are currently eat, I can only give you general advice.  I would make sure your eating well-rounded meals, and try to avoid things which are high in fat, and simple sugars.  By simple sugars, I mean products like sport drinks (Gatorade), fruit juices which are not 100% juice, white rice or bread (always choose a whole wheat version, if possible), etc.  The reason is because these products contain a lot of calories which if aren't used quickly, are easily stored in the body as fat.  The whole wheat versions take much longer, and therefore are better options.  Also, the whole wheat versions keep you full longer, which means you are less likely to over eat.  just make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day, too.

Best I can say is stick with you plan, learn as much as you can about exercise and diet, and keep at it!


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