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Hi David,

Before I ask my question, let me give a little body profile (just in case it helps you answer in the correct contex).
I am,
Male, Age 43, Height 183 cm, Weight 200lbs.

I have been working out for about a year now. I do about 25 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of wieghts training (for 3-4 days a week).
I think I am much better than what I was when I started. But now I am faced with the hardest part. And that is to eliminate/reduce the fat around the waist. Since I seem to have lost the excess fat from other part of the body, just that excess fat around the waist makes it look quite ugly.
I would guess that at this point, I need to target the waist area with some specific techniques.
Would you help me with some specific techniques/tips that would help me work with the waist/stomach area.



Hello, Anil!

The problem with the waist is two things:
A. Gravity. Gravity is always pulling everything down! Weights pulls everything back up again.
B. NO BONES! The nearest bones are in the back. You have all that tissue with NO support.

There is three ways to fight-the-waist bulge.

1. Body-weight exercising. You lie on your kitchen floor, knees up, feet up under the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Arms across your upper chest.

You RAISE your back up off the floor about 1/4 of the way up and HOLD for up to 20 seconds.

Your abs will shake, a lot!
If they are not shaking, you are up too high. Your sides and back muscles are now holding you up.

Do this exercise once every other day.

Do not put your hands behind your head. If you do, then you are pulling yourself up.

2. Using a barbell, or dumbbells, standing up, knees slightly bent, elbows bent, bent over a bit. Do "bent over rowing." Instead of reps, HOLD the barbell and weight plates, or dumbbells, for 1 minute. Called static conditioning. Tightens up the entire body.

Do this exercise every 3rd day.

3. Eating. Instead of 3-meals-a-day, eat 5-6 meals a day. A small portion of food for each meal. After a while, you are never hungry, so your body eats less and less. You will be AMAZED
at how much less you will learn to eat. I can be hungry, eat two unsalted crackers with a bit of peanut butter, and I am full for a couple of hours!

Disclaimer: after a while, forget restaurant foods! You go and eat those super-sized meals and you are sick for hours after wards. The days of even 9 oz. steaks is too much for you.

That should cover the stomach. Good luck with your exercising.

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