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Hi There,
I am a multisport athlete who specialises in Endurance events. I have just recovered from an injury and am looking to build on some muscle,though would prefer to not gain much bodyfat in the process,losing it or keeping it at where it is currently would be ideal. I have adopted the perodization principles and am currently doing circuits of 9 bodyweight exercises which i repeat 3 times in a session which takes about 40 minutes, repeating this 4x a week for my anatomical adaption stage, i dont want to do any weightlifting currently, what combination of diet/workout would be best for me to get lean muscle gains? Thanks :)

I would recommend this workout -

For diet -

The workout routine that you will see, works really well!

For the diet, I gave you the home page, because you will see a couple options for choosing the appearance you're after.

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