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I have a few questions regarding pushups. I a male in my late 20's and with medium built. I have lot of fat on chest and side obliques. I was into exercising till 7 to 8 years back however I couldnt keep up with it. I have recently in the past month or so started exercising again.

My question here is specifically regarding push-ups. I can barely do 2 sets of pushups. 1st of 4 reps and the the second set of 6 reps only. Please advise or provide tips on increasing the same repetitions per set.

When you workout less frequently you become stronger. The body has time to repair, and rebuild.

You must increase strength. To do that, do push-ups once a week. Every week, add 1 more repetition. Eventually you'll be able to do several repetitions within a set.

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