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Hello, I am a 15 year old Asian male and I am light compared to my schoolmates. I also have a narrow face with a apex chin that has been bothering me ever since people started mentioning it. Being 15, I do not know if I'll stay like this my whole life weighing 110 pounds average and with no cheeks and an apex chin. Will my face still grow? I have looked all over the web for answers but no avail. Please respond. This look is unappealing time and has me gone out of many social activities due to my embrassment. This has been lowering my self esteem and my grades are dropping.

Hi Peter,

It is fairly likely that as you get older, your body will mature and the face as well as other parts of your body (some that may you don't want too) will fill out and that appearance will go away.

Appearance though is really just not that important, how you deal with it is. I would say that you probably if at all possible need to speak with a psychologist to see if there is anything they can do to help you get over this obsession with your appearance.

I and no one else has any way of telling exactly what will happen in the future but to me it sounds as if you are taking too much stock in outward appearance and too little stock in who you are. I do realize at 15 there is a lot of peer pressure and such.

Concentrate more on what is really important, if your "friends" are so negative that the the only thing they want to talk about is your appearance then they are simply not your friends. Find some friends that like you for you. These friends have low self esteem themselves and want t bring you down to their level.

Never limit yourself by what others think or do.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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