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Hello Nilo. What's the best workout routine for kids that play 3 sports in football, basketball and baseball? We are currently trying to get to the gym 3 x week. Lifting routine is 4 sets of 8-3 reps with Flat bench barbell press, Barbell squats and Powere cleans. We try not to lift the day before a game. We are running into a couple of issues. 1. practicing/playing games 5X per week sometimes it's tough to get into the gym. 2. Stale routine with the 3 lifts mentioned above. Is there a guideline on how much is to much when you are playing 3 sports? What would you suggest as far as days per week to lift and which lifts/sets/reps to do? His favorite sport is football so trying to bulk up with that. He's a little over 6' and 150#. Plays QB, Pitcher & SS in baseball, F/G in basketball. Thanks for your help.

There is a couple of ways to approach this. Come summer time train and no practice; Monday squat, bench press and bent row, Wednesday, full cleans, shoulder press and pull-ups.  Friday would be deadlifts.  Now this is a pretty simple routine if you did this all summer long.  I would go about four weeks for sets of 10, four weeks for sets of eight, and then four weeks for sets of six.  However, for the cleans or any other Olympic lifts you learn I would stay with sets of five and then moving down the sets of three, and finally down the sets of two, during the summer.  This is where it gets tricky, football being a fall sport you're going to  lift after you practice.  So during football season I would alternate between sets of 8 to sets of 5 for the squats, sets of 4 to 2 reps in the cleans everything else stay around sets of 6 to 8 and I would eliminate the deadlifts.  During basketball season probably want to continue with this sort of cycling where you might be doing three or four weeks of say 6 to 8 reps for most of these exercises and staying between 2 to 4 sets for the cleans.  Now the key to lifting during a season is you would have your hardest workout the day after your longest amount of rest.  So if you're only resting on Sunday then Monday would be your hardest day probably doing your squats and your bench on this day.  I would follow the same routine during baseball season.
I hope this helps!

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