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QUESTION: I would like to let my gym membership run out so I can save money, but would like to still be able to build my chest muscles up so they look good. Can it be done without a bench press? Also are there any good cardio exercises that don't require equipment?

P.S. What is it like being a lab technologist? I was briefly in school to become a lab tech until I realized that I wasn't going to be getting any finacial aide apparently due to having too many college credit already and so I couldn't afford it. I think starting a business or civil service are the only options out there for me. lol.

ANSWER: Hi James,

You don't need any fancy equipment to get ripped and strong, you do not need a gym and you can build as good or better body than with fancy machines and free weights. Here  is a link to a great workout without weights at home

When I was in the Army we often were stationed where there was no gym, so we improvised a gym. Trees became chinning bars, buckets of water and even cans of paint or food can become weights,

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QUESTION: So how do I create resistance when building my chest muscles, and are there much safer methods for working on my chest without needing any type of spotter? I'd like to be able to bench 300 at some point. I don't even know if my chest is noticable as I can only bench maybe 160. Being winter and all there isn't much I can do without slipping on my ass. lol.

ANSWER: Hi James.

There are numerous ways, 2 that come to mind immediately are using different hand positions for push ups. The second would be to add weight on the back. Have some one sit on your back while doing push-ups etc.

You will have to use your imagination. Doing pushups with one hand increases the resistance on that arm, then do it on the other. There are just so many ways to increase resistance without equipment and without specialized equipment.

Hope that helps

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QUESTION: Just to clarify is it safe to place weight on someone's upper back? I know that those ankle weights people used to wear when jogging had consequences to ones back. How can someone keep a weight in the proper place when doing pushups? Also how does the muscle building differ between pushups and pullups? Is one a bit more like a inclined bench press than the other?

Hi James,

Anything can be dangerous if used or performed improperly. I don't usually put the weight on the upper back, though with pushups using something like a backpack full of books would definitely be a way of adding resistance

I have often did push ups with a smaller person, often times my wife on my back. I have had no problems. I have also used a weight vest and it worked quite well. You can actually make a sort of weight vest yourself.  A coat with large pockets filled with cans of food or even rock could be your weight vest. As far as the difference in the building of muscle there is a good deal of difference and I would highly recommend that if you are going to do a home workout plan you incorporate both into the plan

Take a look at this site

Here is a site that shows various types of weighted push ups

Hope this helps

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