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Mighty Joe I want to get a tread mill and never have had one. There are so many out there from every option to many manufactures. I want one for my home to mostly use for running. I like to run and just would like to do it when I can right at home. My question what manufacture is a good one to look at that hold up well and reasonably priced and fairly good design as more compact? Some I see are huge. All tips would be great.

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Thanks for your question, Jerry.

While this may seem to be a simple question to which one may expect an equally simple response, I have a few questions to ask right back at'cha. (consider 'em food for thought)

1) what is your ultimate outcome goal? (read: running is an action. by doing this, what do you hope to achieve?)

2) is running the most appropriate action to achieve your goal(s)?

3) if yes to #2, what sort of load do you expect to put on a treadmill? Meaning: how often/how long are your runs, how much stress are you going to put on the machine (from your own weight and/or running technique)

4) "reasonably priced" to one is "dirt cheap" to another and "ridiculously expensive" to yet another. what kind of price range are you looking at? very generally speaking (in treadmills and otherwise) you'll get what you pay for. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

5) what sorts of 'bells and whistles' are you looking for? motorized vs. non-motorized? built in heart-rate monitor? pre-programmed workouts?? More 'stuff' = more $$$

6) would you consider a used treadmill? Like a car loses value as soon as it leaves the dealership, a treadmill's value drops quickly as soon as it can be considered "pre-owned"

7) are you interested in ordering online? (shipping costs may be a deal-breaker)

I can't speak to one model being "better" than another without knowing the answers to these and so much more. But if there's a particular brand/model that you have your eyes on, you might consider giving my book, The Ultimate Home Gym Guide (available on Amazon's Kindle) a read-through.


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