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I want to know that how do we calculate the right kind of weights I should use for my workouts.
My doctor told me to go for Moderate Weights but I do not exactly know what measure of weights will be called moderate for me.
I am 26 years of age, 5,11 in hieght and 70 kgs.

Please tell me how to calculate Moderate weights?
I have heard it has something to do with the BMI, but donot exactly know the formula.

Hi Amit,

This is a very subjective thing, what one athlete will feel is "heavy" another might feel is moderate. The size of the weight is also dependent on the exercise itself, a weight that would be considered heavy for a curl would be light far say a bench press, etc.

Secondly I don't trust BMI for pretty much anything, too many variables it doesn't take into account

With that said here is how I would probably handle it if it really mattered that much to me. Any weight I could do 15 reps and feel like the last rep I do is positively the last rep I can do with good form would would be considered my "Heavy: weights for that exercise. The ones I can do 15 reps and feel like I could to 15 more with perfect form would be the "Light" and everything in between would be "moderate"

Realize that as you workout and become stronger that all 3 of these will change. They will probably change quite a bit when you first start doing this, then as you "dial it in" the changes will be smaller.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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