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I am not a pro athelete, just a 54 year old guy that wants to keep in better shape. Its harder at my age but I am making slow but steady progress with a good diet, cardio, and weights. Lately people have commented that I look different or younger :-)
Anyhoo, my question is this.
Usualy once a week, after two or three days of being on my regular diet (low fat/low glycemic) and exercise regimen, my body seems to cry out for food and I cant help but pig out, though still low fat/low gly. My muscles also seem to say-give us a rest.
I am assuming this is normal or even healthy?
It doesnt effect my progress-I dont gain weight-and I still see a bit more muscle in the mirror.
Thanks for your comments!

Hello Bud

Our bodies "cry out for food" because we are 'domesticated" into eating 3 meals a day. The problem is that our BODIES have eating one way: nibble, nibble, nibble, all day long, for thousands of years. So when we eat breakfast, wait to lunch; our brains and bodies say STARVING. So we eat too much lunch. Here comes the wait for dinner; STARVING, and we eat too much dinner.
We are always hungry!

Our diet was mostly plants, and very rarely any meats. We NEVER, EVER! ate or drank anything cattle. We do not digest cattle meat, milk, or byproducts. Yes, steaks taste great, but we do not digest the meat.

So what to do? Portion your food. When you wake up, eat a small portion of food. 2-3 hours later, eat another small portion of food. And repeat every 2-3 hours. Gradually, over days, your body will realize that there is no more starvation times, and you will gradually eat less and less. You will be amazed as to how much less you actually need to eat. PS Protein; 2 tablespoons of low-fat peanut butter a day is all the protein your body needs. We make protein, do not digest much of it.

What food to eat? Of course, anything not processed. But if you do daily aerobics, and do weights once a week, then you can eat almost anything. Just read the side labels and avoid high sugar and high fat.

As for the mirror; take photos! The positive change is so slight, your eyes in the mirror will not see all of it. Take a photo once a week and you will be positively amazed how your body approves. And throw away the bathroom scale; muscles weigh more than fat.

Thanks for the question. Have a great day.

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