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Hello. This may sound like a strange question but humor me.

I have a flat but; so much so that sometimes my pants even tend to sag (which I don't like).

That said, what are some exercises I can do to help my butt "bigger" or "stick out" more?

How often should I do these exercises? How many reps and how many sets? Also, how long should it take to start seeing some sort of visible results?

Thank you.


In your butt you have the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius. The best exercises with electromyographic activity are:

One-legged squat
one-legged deadlift
front, sideways and transverse lunges
side-lying hip abduction

If you don't like doing it one-legged then stick to using both legs

To activate all 3 muscle fiber types you should keep the rep range as followed:

6-10 reps = type 2b fast twitch muscle fibers
12- 16 = type 2a fast twitch muscle fibers
20-100 = type 1 slow twitch muscle fibers

For example you could keep your rep range between 6-10 for week 1, then 12-16 for week 2 and 20-100 for week 3. It might take a few weeks to get used to reaching those rep ranges with the right weight so be patient and it will depend on your diet how long visible results will occur. If you're eating clean and good foods e,g brown rice, lean beef, poultry and dark leafy green vegetables then results can start occurring around the 3 month mark if you keep up the hard work. I would recommend you do 3 sets for each exercise and start doing it weekly. If you're really pushing yourself then a week should be enough so your muscles can heal, grow and recover for the next 6 days. If you're only going to do it moderately then 2 times a week I would recommend.

I hope this helps :)  

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