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QUESTION: hello sir, my question is about nutrition. is it true that you have to eat 3000 calory to get muscle bad? i think you need to eat what body requires not fill it with over loaded stuff what do you think and what nutrition and workout routine can you give me ?

I agree with you. I believe you need to follow the guidance your body gives you. Don't eat JUST to load up. The kind of food is important. Lean protein at each meal and perhaps at snacks. Fish and chicken are good lean meats, but don't be afraid of beef. Vegetables are super. Some fruit is too. I would stay away from grains. No bread, pasta, rice, white potatoes. Otherwise eat well and until you are full. I am not a big believer in protein drinks to add bulk. ALWAYS be sure you drink water!

Regarding your workout. The first thing is to determine what kind of equipment you have.  Then how much time you can devote to lifting. When you do push weight make sure you do a heavy enough weight that you are doing 8-10-12 reps for 4-6 sets.

Routine options: set 1 light weight for 10-12 reps
         Set 2 load moderate weight and do 10
         Set 3 add 5-10 pounds (depending on body part-- small muscles +5. Large like chest or legs +10) do 10 reps
         Set 4 add weight and do 8 reps.
You can do more but must pace yourself if you are going to do 3 more exercises for that body part. There is no right or wrong. Let your body guide you. Some days you will be more tired and do less and that's okay! Rest is the biggest part of building! So don't push on because it's in your schedule. Listen to the signals from your body.

Options... 6 day workout. Each day different muscles. Leg day, back day, chest day, arm day, shoulder day, abdominals and calves.  
You can do 3-4-5 exercises for each body part. It all depends on your strength and abilities.

You can also,lift 3-4 days a week and combine body parts....legs and back.....chest and shoulders....arms and abs.....etc.

The specific exercises or lifts do not matter......there are millions of ideas but they are all based on the same principles of moving the weight. Doesn't matter if you use body weight, dumbells, barbells, or big tired and rocks!

Sometimes you lift faster sometimes you lift slowly.  ALWAYS KEEP GOOD FORM!

Take care of yourself. You only get one body!
Be well!

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QUESTION: I have 2 year calisthenics background.I mean my inner muscles are strong enough.My goal is to get bigger a little bit.My body has adapted my weight so need to do calisthenics with weight.what's more I want to try bench press and leg equipments and planned to go to gym.I can do 4 times a week.Just give me good whole body routine ( especially for chest, because chest are flat don't grow bigger)and good diet for it.Need concrete routine and diet.Regards....


To begin do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. When you start you may have to do the same weight for all three sets.  See what you can do and if it seems easy then go up in weight.
Day 1. Bench press with either dumbells or a barbell.
Incline dumbell press
Flat dumbell flys.
Finish with push ups to failure...hands close in
Overhead tricept extension
Skull crushers sometimes called nose breakers....just google the exercises you don't understand and there will be examples there.

Day 2. Pull ups
Dumbell rows for back
Lat pull downs
Pull overs
Biceps curls
Hammer curls

Day 3
Leg press
Reverse lunges with weights in your hands. Alternate feet
Leg curls
Hack squat
Calf raises

Day 4
Shoulder press -- military press
Side delt raises
Upright rows
Rear delt raises

Eat three meals a day. 2 snacks.  Drink lots of water
Protein...fish, chicken, beef, pork, wild game
Some cheese
Nuts, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados..have some of one of these 2-3 times a day.

Never eat bread, pasta, crackers, rice, white potatoes.

Be well!

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