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Hi Joe,

I'm determined to get fit but I'm not sure how to start. I am an out of shape person in the sense that I am not physically strong in many ways. I'm concerned because both sides of my family are at risk for cholestrol, diabetes and (sometimes) obesity.

While I do pay heed as much as I can to what I eat and although thankfully I am not overweight I would still like to feel physically strong and in shape. I like my body but would love to tone it, as opposed to losing weight or building muscle like body-builders.

Is there a workout plan or exercises I can follow that will help me build my strength and stamina?

Thank you :)

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Thanks for your question, Cindy.

"tone" and "build strength and stamina" are incredibly vague terms (ex: one woman's 'tone' is another woman's 'fat' - and vice versa), and without knowing more specifics of your personal goals, current habits/abilities, experience, obstacles (perceived or real), available resources/equipment, etc., I'll have to be equally vague in my response.

1) as a general rule of thumb, accumulating 5 hours of 'intentional exercise' a week is a good place to start.

2) if #1 (above) isn't moving you in the direction you want to go, you have 2 options: train MORE - or - train HARDER. (ideally, you'll do both... just not at the same time. look up the term "periodization" for ideas how to structure your training plan so you can cycle through higher volume phases as well as higher intensity ones.

3) there is no 'magic' exercise that will 'tone' - think of fitness as a cumulative effect of ALL that you do.

4) COMPOUND exercises (movements that move more than one joint. ex: squat) will typically allow you to use a greater load/expend more energy than a simple, single joint (ex: bicep curl) movement in the same amount of time.

5) if you don't want to think/learn more than necessary and want a plan that's already laid out for you, check out the books "New Rules of Lifting for Women" (Lou Schuler/Alwyn Cosgrove) and "The Female Body Breakthrough" (Rachel Cosgrove).

6) If you'd like even more personalized guidance/coaching, I encourage you to take a free 2-week "behind the scenes tour" of my own coaching systems at www.GrandRapidsPersonalTrainer.com The concepts, tools and over-all approach should help clarify some of the concepts mentioned above.

7) Finally, the acronym PROM DATE is a simple guide that answers (at least partially) virtually any exercise-related question. It stands for Painless Range Of Motion Demonstrating Acceptable TEchnique. Or more simply still... if it hurts (beyond normal discomforts that go along with "effort"), don't do that!

Train like ya' mean it!  

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