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Hello. I have a question about a specific problem area. Also, I have sent this question to another expert. I am trying to get as much advice as possible.

I have a flat but; so much so that sometimes my pants even tend to sag (which I don't like).

That said, what are some exercises I can do to help my butt "bigger" or "stick out" more?

How often should I do these exercises? How many reps and how many sets? Also, how long should it take to start seeing some sort of visible results?

Thank you.

Hi Lee,

Usually the question is the reverse of this one but let me see if I can be of assistance. First off I don't know what you look like or the type of build you have but some generic answers to this question would be as follows:

What you will want to do after warming up of course, are some deep leg presses on the leg press, preferably one that is at a 45 degree angle, and bring your knees back as far as they will go, to your chest. Some people will tell you to do squats, but squats set you up for a whole bunch of orthopedic injuries if you are not careful, and you risk losing your balance with a lot of weight on your shoulders, not good. Also going deep with squats is very bad for the knees and will set you up for knee injury.

Also do lunges with dumbbells in each hand, making sure the knees is in line with the toes, and not to go out past them as you are endangering the knee joint.

Lastly do straight leg swing backs with a cuff around the ankle and attached to a cable machine where you change the weights by placing a pin into the desired hole. Keep your back straight and swing (slowly) the leg back as far as you can while keeping your torso erect.

Now as far as reps and frequency, keep in mind we are going for size, which means a lot of weight (one you can do for a maximum of eight reps) and really feel taxed by the 6th or 7th rep.
Do 6-8 sets of 6-8 reps every other day (never back-to-back days) and watch your form. If you are inexperienced have a trainer show you or check you out on proper form.
As far as how long before you will see results, nobody can tell you that without being dishonest or delusional as there are too many factors to consider such as your individual body's response to exertion, how well you stick to training, your diet etc. But generally if you are disciplined and really apply your self you should on average, see results in a couple weeks. Now, keep in mind your clothes will probably fit differently as you will be losing fat and building up muscle which decreases the amount of fat you have. Make sure you don't neglect the rest of your body even though you want to enhance one body part(s).

Lastly some people just can't put on the size they want do to genetics or it may take them longer, not knowing your body type I can't really provide much detail. But keep training hard and keep me posted as we can make adjustments as you move along. If you need anymore assistance or have additional questions know I am here for you and will respond as soon as I am able. Good luck.


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