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Hello Sir,
I am a 16 and a half years old guy and I want to overcome three problems which I have since childhood:
1. Underweight and bony figure (99 pounds and I am 5'9").
2. Loose limbedness.
3. My slouch.
This is deeply humiliating for me. I have had arguments with my parents to send me to a proper gym, but they think I'm perfectly alright since I walk to school. I tried to workout on my own but I have no proper guidance and only succeeded in losing 3 more kilos. Sir, please help me as I am desperate to gain lean muscles and overcome my problems.
Thank you.


So glad you wrote me and I am very happy to assist you. You are correct and your parents are wrong, this is not normal or healthy however, the problem should be fixable. I am assuming you don't have any type of disease or pathological condition, if you do please share it with me and we can make adjustments if need be. Ok so when you say you are "loose limbedness" I am assuming you mean that your joints hyper-extend, which can lead to injuries if you are not careful to stay within the proper range of motion. By strengthening the muscles around the joints (use free-weights for this not nautilus or machine based weights)you can secure the integrity of the joint so as not to cause damage. Now as far as your slouch (we all do this you are not alone) try to stand-up straight, head held high while looking straight ahead with shoulders pulled back as in the military. Chances are if you slouch forward at the waste that your lower back muscles are to weak so try to do some back extensions in the gym aka roman-chair-workouts. Be very careful with the lower back, if you go to heavy or too fast you could injure your self for life so go easy. Also if you get on a weight training program and do lat pull-downs and bench-presses, you will strengthen the core which keeps you erect when standing and walking. You will want to put on muscle size as you are underweight as you stated and are at the age when your hormones will really help your muscles grow. Do this and eat alot of protein (white meat such as chicken and turkey is very good for this) and eat red mead sparingly as it is bad for you if you eat to much of it.

Adwait I recommend you have someone who knows what they are doing show you the proper way to lift weights, make sure to warm-up and stretch prior to working out and stretch afterward so you don't get sore. You can view "You Tube" to watch instructional videos on the proper way to lift weights as well.

Well my friend I hope this has been of some help to you, please write back if you have any further questions and to keep me updated on your progress. Best of luck.


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