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Hi, I'm sorry if this is long.

I'm a 19 y.o male, I enjoy exercising and keeping fit.

I have done some weightlifting, but have little experience and knowledge.

I really want to get in good shape i.e. be muscular, six pack etc. (i already have quite a broad frame)

Please can you give me some tips about:
* how to structure my exercises
*What exercises are best
*good websites

also, I know very little about diet and suplements when it comes to lifting. There are so many products out there, I don't know what to take/drink and how and when to use it. Please can you also tell me what products are best and how to use them.

Sorry for asking so much!
thanks :)

Hello Tony

Wow I never had a question from France. Cool!!

Every day, start out with stretching.

A simple and effect exercise is to stand in front of your kitchen sink. Hands on the edge of the counter. Feet together, back about 2 feet. Do counter top push ups. 10 times. FEEL your calves stretch as you go back and forth. Do once a day. Will take about 1 minute total of your time.

Then do aerobics. Here is two simple and effective exercises that work very well;

A. Running in place. You run, but not moving forward. Take small steps. Do not slam you feet on the floor. Move your arms side to side as you are running. Count 1-2-3 each time your right foot comes down to the floor. Count 1-100 and then stop. It will take about 1-2 minutes total of your time.

Do this exercise 7 days a week. Rule to remember; aerobics last 2-3 days, so if you miss a day or two, do not 'beat up your soul.'

B. Abs! Lie on your kitchen floor. Knees up. Feet up under the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. Arms across your upper chest. RAISE your back up off the floor 1/4 of the way up. HOLD yourself up for 20 seconds. FEEL your stomach shake. Do not go up higher than 1/4 of the way up.

If you go up higher, your stomach stops shaking. Your sides and back muscles are now holding you up. If you put your hands behind your head, you are pulling yourself up. This takes about 5 minutes of your time. If the floor is uncomfortable, put a blanket on the floor. THIS will give you great abs. Do once every 2-3 days.

Now to weightlifting.

This exercise will work all the muscles in your body. Assuming you have little or no weight equipment, anything you have that has weight, even bottles of water will work for this, will do. You pick up the weight you have selected, and hold it for 1 minute. Keep your knees slightly bent and your elbows slightly bent.

By bending your joints, your muscles hold the weight, not your bones. By lifting and holding the weight, you force all your muscles to hold the weight.

First your major muscles work. To hold the weight. After about 30 seconds, they get tired, so your minor muscles help hold the weight. 45 seconds of holding the weight, 100% of the muscles in your body are now straining to hold the weight. 60 seconds, you are done.

Now for muscle growth. Muscles grow when they are resting. Not when you are lifting. People think "lift daily," to get big muscles. Does not work. So they write to me all the time "why am I not gaining, I lift every day?" NO REST!

So lift once a week.

Keep in mind that your body WILL grow bigger and stronger. This is an amazing mass building exercise. The growth comes very slowly. Other people will see the changes, you will not. Your clothes will get tighter, you will HAVE to buy bigger clothes.

I went from medium shirts, to XXL shirts. I went from lifting 20 lbs, to lifting 580 pounds.

If you have access to various weights and/or a gym, do all other exercises with light weights and a lot of reps. That will give you good definition. Again, once a week.

Now for TIME. You can see that all the primary stretching, aerobic, and lifting exercises take less than 5 minutes of your time. Because we, as people, never have time to exercise. 5 minutes a day WILL give you a body that every other people will admire. I get stares all the time.

And in conclusion, the body you grow, will stay the same, no matter how old you get. I achieved the body I wanted, at age 50 (I started lifting at age 35; was ALWAYS bone skinny), and my body has stayed the same size and mass for 11 years. I cannot wait to see what age 70 and older will look for me.

Life is good.

AllExperts is about the best web site. No one is trying to sell you anything.
Supplements are a waste of money. All are advertising. None actual proof. Take a daily Vitamin D.

Diet: drink 8 oz of water every hour. The body responds very well to drinking a lot of water.
Food; try to avoid foods that come in a box or a bag. Processed foods digest quickly.
I eat a small portion of food, like a tomato, lettuce, canned chicken breast in water. I drain the water. Crackers with peanut butter fills you quickly.

First I went to the grocery store and would buy ONE different food item each week. Many I liked, many I did not. I hated dried dates. Every 2-3 hours I eat a very small portion of food.

By eating this way, I was never hungry. As time went along, I ate less and less food. It is amazing as to how much food you really need to eat. Like 1/4 of what you normally eat when you are eating 3 regular meals a day. Important to note! When you eat like this, you cannot eat normally again. Normal meals will make you sick! Too-much-food. Makes eating in a restaurant a real ordeal. I eat about 1/4 of what is served to me in restaurants. And I am full!!

Thanks for the question. Have a great day.

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