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My goal is to lose 20 pounds over the course of 3-4 months for basketball purposes. I am 24 5'8" 183 lbs.My goal is to be leaner and faster. I wanted to plan my workout to where I lift Mon, Weds, and Friday with basketball/drills and on Tuesday and Thursday I would swim and play basketball. I was focusing on doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for my weight lifting. In terms of dieting I want to eat every 3 hours. My girlfriend cooks our meals all portioned and healthy with snacks in between throughout the weekdays. Would that be enough of a workout regiment or too little? Thank you for your help.

Thanks for your question, A.J.

When goals are as specific and time-based as yours, the ONLY way to answer if a workout/nutrition plan is effective is to put it to the test. The key is to recognize the important constants and variables and progressively manipulate them. This way, if something doesn't produce the results you want, you can systematically focus on a different variable.

For example, 3x/week basketball/drills, 2x/week swimming/playing hoops, eating every 3 hours are your basic constants.

Your variables 'could' include the duration of training, the types/amount of food you eat, etc.

Is training MORE the answer? Or maybe training HARDER? What about training FASTER?

Endless possibilities, really. But by starting with a PLAN as you seem to have, you're definitely on the right track. Now it's up to you to work that plan. If you go more than a couple weeks without seeing meaningful progress, don't throw out the entire plan... just start a basic troubleshooting process. (first question I'd ask: how well did you stick to the plan?)

Hope that helps... good luck!  

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