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I am always in awe of the bodies that many celebrities have. Alot of celebrities are also very functional i.e. they can perform many stunts and action sequences as well.  I understand that many of them undergo rigorous training, have closely monitored diets and regular checkups on their BMI and fitness levels. But i am also sure that they always receive professional advice as to what to do in the first place.

Coming to my question, i am an aspiring actor myself and i want to be able to have a body like a celebrity. However i lack a medium for fitness and nutrition advice. So i dont know what traini.g programme and diet i should be following. How can i be able to learn how to plan my own workouts and own meals? Are there any books that i should read?  

Thank you for your time.


This is a difficult question to handle. Mostly because I don't know what you have available to you in your town. Because of the distance I am going to refer you to a gym in Singapore. So, let's go gym shopping.

I recommend you look in a one mile radius from your home. Statistically it has been shown that people are more likely to use the gym they can get to more easily. Look for the following things:
1. Hours that fit your schedule.
2. Cleanliness. Sorry but there is nothing worse than a filthy gym.
3. Good price. Something you can afford.
4. Ask for a free week to check things out. See if you like the people there.
5. Personal Training. Interview the trainers and see if they are knowledgable, certified and ask to talk to a client. Ask the client about the results they are getting. Are they happy etc.
6. Food is easy. I don't think you need anyone to help you with that. Eat real food, not packaged, instant and chemical laden foods. A good guidebook is sports Nutrition by Namcy Clark.anyway, this is what I think will work for your diet.

Once you start to workout you need to set goals and chip away at your fitness. Make sure you find a trainer you can trust. That's my best advice. Ask people you know...who workout ... And just start and keep at it.

That's the best advice I can give you. If you want to ask about advice you are given I can give you advice on that.
Be Well!

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QUESTION: Thanks for the advice Karen. Well i actually figured it is very difficult for me to frequent the gym. Mainly because of my time constraint. Is it possible to workout at home and be able to put on lean muscle mass?


Yes Raj!
Not knowing what kind of equipment you have I cannot give you a routine. But understand that the old old old school way of exercise is always best.
Pull ups
Push ups
And crunches for abdominal strength.
These body weight exercises will build tone, strength and definition. It will keep you agile so you can do stunts. If you get into a company of stunt men they might have additional ways for you to train.  I would suggest stretching on one day too

Running for speed and endurance. Body weight exercises you can do every day. A few at a time. As many reps as you can get.

Good luck

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