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Hello Greg

I'll like to know how can I get a flat stomach and six pack.

I run 2x a week around 30-40 mins and also do abs exercise like crunches, reverse crunch etc usually after jogging.

However the stomach is still slightly bulging (I am considered very thin, 120lb) and the abs is still not defined yet.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Hi Eddie,

Great question and great job on what you are currently doing to reach your goal. I too have never been able to get a 6-pack and honestly genetics often have a lot to do with it. But lets take a look at your program. Obviously to get a 6-pack you need to really get your body fat content low, that's great that you are running twice a week but try adding some interval training as well. Get pumping some weights, especially moderate-heavy weight because this will make your body metabolism go off the charts and cause your body to burn calories even 6-8 hours after you do the activity. Also the more muscle you have the less fat you have. Don't worry you wont turn into a hulking beast, that would require much more ambition. But find some weight that you can do sets of 6-8 reps with and blast your muscles. Also try adding an additional day of running but add hill or mountain running to your program. If you run in a gym put the treadmill on an incline or set it to adjust between flat surface and hills to give you some recovery time with the additional fat blasting. Lastly lets see how you are eating. I am assuming you are eating fairly well. Watch your fat in-take, drink skim milk and go low fat on all other food types. Eat lots of protein as this is very lean and last consume most of your carbs 1-2 hours prior to working out as this is the first energy source to be utilized by the body during strenuous activity.
Well Eddie I hope this information helps you meet your goals, good luck and train hard.


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