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Hello Muzza Fitness

I'll like to know how can I get a flat stomach and six pack.

I run 2x a week around 30-40 mins and also do abs exercise like crunches, reverse crunch etc usually after jogging.

However the stomach is still slightly bulging (I am considered very thin, 120lb) and the abs is still not defined yet.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Hi Eddie,

I am happy to help you today. Firstly I would like to recommend a few nutritional tips:

. Ensure you are drinking enough water. To burn calories your body needs a good supply of water. Make sure your fluids come from water, water with fresh lemon or grapefruit and green tea. If you want to sweeten your drinks use a small amount of honey. Honey is the best and healthiest natural sweetener. Try to keep away from sugar and sweeteners. Your liver plays a vital part in the process of burning fat and if your liver is busy trying to cope with unnatural sweeteners then it can't work at its full potential. Try to drink 2-3 litres of liquid per day.

. When choosing foods make sure you choose smartly. Your meals should be made of carbs, protein and vegetables. The carbs should come from brown rice (if not them white), sweet potato and oats. For weight loss you should try and avoid normal potatoes and pasta like products. Protein should come from lean beef, chicken and turkey breast and fish. You can also get protein from beans. Your vegetables should be dark leafy greens. Spinach, broccoli and kale are among the favorites for weight loss as well as lean muscle gain. Meal portions should be around 1 and a half the size of your fist. This would work on a 5 meal a day basis but if time prevents you from doing so then stick to 3 normal size meals. You can cook a big batch 2 times a week and store you food in containers so all you need to do is pop them in the microwave and 'ding' there you have it.

Okay as you are already thin I think you need to increase the intensity of you ab workouts. If you have access to youtube check out Insane home fat loss, and six pack short cuts. The channel is really good and offers a lot of great workouts that I enjoy doing myself. The best thing is they're FREE :)

You can also check out my facebook page for nutrition, workout tips and motivation


I hope this helps



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