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Hello Daniel

I'll like to know how can I get a flat stomach and six pack.

I run 2x a week around 30-40 mins and also do abs exercise like crunches, reverse crunch etc usually after jogging.

However the stomach is still slightly bulging (I am considered very thin, 120lb) and the abs is still not defined yet.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Hey Eddie

Abs take time to develop, what you should be looking at is working full body exercises since they also incorporate the abs as well as other muscles but more importantly they increase the amount of calories you burn during exercise. The squat to overhead press can be used in a resistance training program and you can include abdominal exercises about 2-3 different ab exercises at the end of your work out of 15-20 reps each exercise. Planks are good for the abs as well as stability ball crunches.

I don't recommend too many abs exercises because abs show once your body fat % is low. So during exercise you want to burn the most calories and ab exercises don't burn so much,even though the abs are being trained you can have strong abdominal muscles but they will never show unless you get your body fat down,that's why i recommend exercises that burn the most calories (whole body).

As for your running training, keep track of how long you run, you should be progressing. IF last week you did 30, next week try to increase the time, or the distance covered in 30 minutes. In other words either increase the duration or the intensity.

Hope this helps, sorry for the long response but I wanted to give you a more detailed explanation.

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