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My son has brought a weight set and wants to start using weights to build strength, without loosing his speed. What types of exercises should he be focusing on, and is there a weight limit he should be lifting for his age?

He needs to work on both his upper and lower body strength, but still needs his speed and agility.
He is 15yo, weighs 70kg and is 175cm tall.


I recomend using abreviated sessions of a compound weightlifting-type exercise. strength multiplied by speed equals POWER, and that's his sports goal, "power". this can be approached in a few different ways, but abreviated and intense is the bottom line. This may seem overly simple as you read it, but I think he can acheive his goal with one exercise.      

He could do it every day five days a week, anywhere from 3 to 9 sets of 3 repetitions. OR do it once or twice a week and try for more sets, again, of 3 repetitions. The limit on the weight lifted is pre-determined by the reps, whatever a person can do 3 times is a good power range.
As a teenager he is experiencing a high hormone growth period in his life, there is no better time for a person to lift weights, his body is at an optimum return level. please forget curls and "bodybuilding" stick with olympic weightlifdting based exercises for the BEST transfer to any sports.
If there is any questions about the powerclean & pushpress, get online and look the exercise up, it may be listed as two seperate exercises but for the best results I do it as one exercise.

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