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I am wondering roughly how many calories I could lose if I used cold baths. I am considering trying 2 methods, one with just using the coldest water from the tap(quite cold), and another with ice-packs as well. I realise you can't give exact figures, but a rough approximation would help - if it's any use in calculations, I should add that I am 5ft 11 1/2 and weigh 125 kg.

Thanks for any info,

Hi Geoff,

I have checked with several people that I know regarding this and my opinion at this time is that Ice Baths can be dangerous due to them lowering the body temp causing hypothermia. The benefit of possibly losing a few pounds  ( which has not really been proven and is very controversial and not worth putting your life on the line to lose a few pounds.

Eating a little less and doing a little exercise would be a far easier way to go and would not put you at anywhere close to  the risk. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/03/01/can-ice-baths-help-you-lose-weight/

The only real "proponent" that I could find offers only empirical and no real scientific evidence that they even work at all, so there is no way to tell whether you will do any more than just cause you to be cold.

It may work, I am not saying it won't, I am only saying that at this time with the information available I would be very skeptical of the Ice Bath weight loss programs. You may want to get the 4 hour diet book that tells much more about the Ice Bath, but I would be very skeptical of it until someone actually comes out with double blind studies that are controlled.

The best way to lose weight and the safest way is to exercise and cut (Calorie) intake, There are all sorts of plans to do that.

Sorry I could not just give you a formula and say this is what you will lose in a session etc, but I hate to see people get pulled in to the latest "craze" and put themselves at risk.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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