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I have been noticing that my left butt cheeck seems fuller and my right is a not as full. Also I notice when I clench my butt that my right has more of an indention then the left? I have tried to workout the right more and it goes to the same size as the left after the workout. But i guess it just cause the muscle swells cuase its back to the same the next day? Please help i want i nice round behind

Hi Darlene,

I am guessing that the difference in the size of your buttocks is minimal and not noticeable to anyone other than yourself. Now we all are not symmetrical and have a side that is dominant and stronger/slightly bigger then the other side. If your right handed you probbaly have a slightly bigger right arm than the left arm. Now working out the smaller side buttock will be bigger when working out because of the blood filling the muscle. Darlene, you can work the right side more with heavier weights and lower reps but you may develop a muscle imbalance if you over work one side more than the other side. This can cause muscle strains and orthapaedic problems down the road. So I would just live with the difference to save your self painful occurences down the road.

Lastly try using various exercises to work the glutes more completely such as leg presses, lunges and strainght leg kick backs. I hope this helps you in achieveing the look you want. Good luck with everything.


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