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QUESTION: Dear Vveth

What is the approach or process a fitness trainer in Gymnasium will suggest for a person who says "I want to create a world record in the next Olympic games for my country in both "Clean and Jerk" and "Snatch" Category by lifting Maximum Number of Weights" ?

Is Body building and Weight lifting are two different categories ?

Can Body Builders like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger
and all other Body Builders achieve this feat ?

Is it the sheer strength, might and power required for this achievement ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: bodybuilding is concerned with just looking a certain way. just looks, no function. big bloated muscles mean nothing to weightlifting. You mentioned Arnold, in his book "Education of a bodybuilder" he explains how he had to give up lifting heavy, and give up being as strong as he could be in order to be a bodybuilder. Olympic weightlifting requires a specific set of qualities: coordination, flexability, speed-power. One can and must create as much brute strength as possible, but then you have to be capable of, or have the "skill", of lifting a weight from the floor to overhead in the perscribed manner. In order for you to persue olympic weightlifting, I highly recomend you locate and enlist the aid of a good coach who is well versed in olympic lifting.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Vveth

Thank you.

Is this process mentioned below from my side could be a logical approach for this achievement ?

If a Human being weighing 80 kg in the category and the Olympic world record
is say 270 kg and he/she wants to break this world record by lifting 300 kg
and create a New world record then :

To achieve 300 kg maximum weight lift, Start on day one with - 10 kg, on day 5 - 20 kg, on day 15 - 30 kg  and so on ..... till you lift 300 kg maximum weight.

As you mentioned correctly, specific exercises for shoulders, leg muscles, biceps, triceps etc including the right diet plan, techniques for both clean and jerk, snatch weightlifting categories will be part of every day program.

Will the above method work ?. i.e. To achieve a maximum  weight lift of 300 kg, one starts with a small weight and then increase the weights as days progresses.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

............     NO  .............

For many reasons, you cannot expect to simply add weight every day to finally get to a specified goal, if that were true, somebody would have benchpressed 2000 pounds by now....
This misconception probably originates with one Milo of Crotonia, who was an ancient wrestler. Milo would start off with a calf and lift it daily, often carrying it around the arena, until it grew too big to move. In this way Milo developed phenomenal strength and retired undefeated. But understrand, He reached a point where he had to start over with another calf, the human body can acheive a great deal, but cannot defy physics or the genetic limitations of being a homosapien. In my direct experience, there are two basic camps, the russian/american model called "periodization" or "cycling" and the bulgarian model that allows for a natural cycle to take place. Either way, the basic idea is to lift heavier and heavier weights until you reach or get near a limit, then start over. this is the way your body tends to work and it is the way olympic weightlifters train. As I said in my earlier response, find a coach. avoid bodybuilding like the black plague if you want to lift heavy weights overhead.

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