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Dear Adam

What is the approach or process a fitness trainer in Gymnasium will suggest for a person who says "I want to create a world record in the next Olympic games for my country in both "Clean and Jerk" and "Snatch" Category by lifting Maximum Number of Weights" ?

Is Body building and Weight lifting are two different categories ?

Can Body Builders like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger
and all other Body Builders achieve this feat ?

Is it the sheer strength, might and power required for this achievement ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Olympic weightlifting is a technical skill that will take years to hone.  My suggestion would be to find a weightlifting coach (possibly someone who has coached at a high level) and get that person to teach you the finer points of lifting and then how to build your strength appropriately through those lifts.  It takes a systematic gameplan one that goes beyond what we can discuss here.

Body building is a sport to build the body up size wise, have as low body fat as possible, and it is purely for looks.  How big do you look?  How cut do you look?  Do you have symmetry between the right and left?  Weightlifting is the snatch and clean and jerk and developing your strength and power to excel at those two lifts.  Different training is required for both of them as well.

Body builders would have to have a dramatic shift in training to be successful at weight lifting.  Where as body builders will do different exercises to develop even the smallest of muscles, weightlifters will do the snatch and clean plus assistance lifts to help them with those primary lifts.  It can be done, but once again there will be a technical adjustment to understand the lifts.

It would be all three plus some genetic gifts to accomplish what you desire.  

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