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Identity Card
Identity Card  
Dear Greg

I Feel every Gymnasium and Health Fitness Centers should provide a
Membership or Identity card for Gymnasium members similar to college identity cards, where only and only if the identity cards are shown by the member before entering the Gym or Fitness center,
then the member is allowed to use the facilities of the Health fitness centers or Gymnasiums.

It is the responsibility of the Gym/Fitness center owners to manufacture those identity cards.

Do you feel this should become a compulsory or mandatory rule or policy made by the Gym/Fitness center owners ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


If I understand your question correctly, I do think that all fitness centers should issue a gym card for members.  In the USA, I've never seen one that doesn't.  Depending on the place, these cards can even be small and put on your key chain.  Regardless, most places just have the member "tap" the card to some electronic card reader at the front entrance counter, which then verifies if their an active member or not.


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