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Identity Card  
Dear Jerry

I Feel every Gymnasium and Health Fitness Centers should provide a
Membership or Identity card for Gymnasium members similar to college identity cards, where only and only if the identity cards are shown by the member before entering the Gym or Fitness center,
then the member is allowed to use the facilities of the Health fitness centers or Gymnasiums.

It is the responsibility of the Gym/Fitness center owners to manufacture those identity cards.

Do you feel this should become a compulsory or mandatory rule or policy made by the Gym/Fitness center owners ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

I understand why people would want that and most of the larger gyms here in the US have some sort of an ID card. Anytime, Snap and other large Fitness centers actually have key cards that open the door to the facility, if you don't pay your fee they deactivate the card until you pay and get any other issues cleared up.

For some of the smaller gyms, mom and pop owned Iron Horse type gyms the cost would probably put them out of business. Most of those facilities work on a very tight budget and have only a few clients. But usually with that type the owner knows everyone in the gym and knows who has and hasn't paid.

The larger centers also run on a small profit margin, however they invariably also have many more customers so more revenue and can fit something like that into their budget easier, in fact if they are franchises like Anytime it is part of their franchise equipment

At one time I had a training studio here in Moultrie. The customer base was small and something of that nature would have not been needed because I knew every client personally, most I had been to their homes or at least knew where hey lived and often seen them in other areas such as at the doctors office or at the grocery.

I would have to say that the ID card would be a good thing in many cases and if I had a large gym with more than 50 to 100 members I would say it would be almost a necessity.

Hope this hlps

Have a great day


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