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I do a  body-weight squat and hold it for 2 minutes, like a squat stance. I'll like to know can this develop the quadricep/thigh muscles? Is this bad for the knees, holding it?

What exercise can I do to develop my leg muscles? I do not have any weights at home and can't afford to go to the gym, depending on my bodyweight somewhat. I hope you can recommend some exercise to develop the lower body given the limitations above.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.



The exercise you are doing for your legs, holding a squat stance is excellent for toning and strengthening your quadriceps. This static contraction (meaning the muscle is neither lengthening or shortening) would fall under the heading of "isometrics."  The only time this would be bad for your knees would be if you went further than 90 degrees (where your thigh would be level with the ground.)
To really build up your legs I would suggest lunges and squats. These can be done with just your body weight, but to really build strength, you need some sort of resistance. I would recommend holding something in each had such as rocks, bricks, buckets with gravel or water or what ever you can find. Also, running up steep hills will burn your quads really good and ad some size and strength. As always, warm up and stretch before exercising and stretch again after your workout.
I hope this information is helpful to you, if you need suggestions for upper body exercises please write me back. Best of luck.


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