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COMPETITION IN 7 months, I want to transform my body as much as possible . Reward to whoever can help

Please let me know how to change my body for a fight competition in 7 months? Or at least anything that I can do to get close to the body I pictured below

Im 17years old, 5'9 and 145 pounds. I want to make my body look like uri boyka(Scott Adkins) from undisputed 3. 

I need to know what supplements I need to take too achieve this body the fastes way possible. I'm doing kick boxing and I just got a gym membership. Here are a two pictures of how I want my body to be like, or at least somewhat like that.


Thank you for writing, my you really picked an inspirational person to emulate. I have good news and bad news, lets start with the bad first. First of all you will never be able to look like Scott Adkins in 7 months. You very well may not ever look like Scott Adkins period, but who knows for sure time will tell. The good news is you appear to have a pretty good physique to build upon, you have the beginnings of broad shoulders and and some chest development already. Now is the time to lift hardcore and you will see magnificent changes as you are at the age when testosterone is really flourishing and this is when you need to really put on size. Be forwarned however you may not have the genetics that Scott Adkins has and depending on what you parents look like can give some indication as to how much of a reality this will be. However, even if you never end up looking like him (and who wouldn't want to by the way) you can still make your self look very good by eating right, training hard and getting enough sleep.
As far a supplements go, there is no pill or supplement that will make you ripped. There are so many supplements out there that are bogus scams. My advice to you would be to eat your fruits and vegetable, eat lots of protein and go easy on the red meat and fried foods. Stay away from soda although the occasional junk food won't kill you. Now that you are at a gym, meet with a trainer to put you on a program to meet the goals you set for your self. If anyone promises to make you look like Scott Adkins, run, as nobody can ever gurantee you anything.

I hope this information is useful to you. Bryan I wish you success in meeting your goals and regardless of what happens, never ever give up. Best of luck.


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