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i am a 20year old man... 56kg weight and 5.6ft tall..
my schdule in gym was 6days a week earlier...
now i have made new schdule of 5 days a week that is
mon:shoulders and trapezius
tue: triceps+abs
wed : off
thur: legs+forearms
friday: chest+abs
satrday: biceps+back
 sir my schdule must be faulty or inappropriate because am a beginner and i dnt have a coach here... also i get merely 1hour for workout because of my college timings... i go to gym at 6am morning... my collge timing is 9to 5pm....
and on wed, fri and saturday i go to my taekwondo classes ie from 7 to 8pm ...
sir i want to develop my upper body like jean claude van damm or micheal jay white... who are martial artist cum body builders..  sir please see that my schdule is proper or not as am also a martial artist so i wanna gain strength n speed both...

ANSWER: Rishabh,
Your schedule posted above is not bad but I would recommend some adjustments. On Thursdays you do legs and forearms, where as forearms should be worked with the biceps and ideally with your back workout since all the muscles complement each other. When you do a lat pulldown or rows, your lats are the primary muscles involved, biceps are the secondary muscle group involved and the forearms are the tertiary muscle group being worked. So include forearms with your Saturday schedule. Also, on Tuesdays and Fridays you should include triceps with your chest workout as on all pressing movements (push-ups, bench press) the triceps is the secondary muscle group involved. With your current schedule you maybe overtraining some muscle groups.
That is awesome that you want to look like Van Damme and White but remember, you may not have the genetics they have. Who wouldn't want to look like them. That is great you are doing TKD, be sure to be stretching regularly so you can be as flexible as White and Van Damme as well.
You are on the right path, keep up the good work and let me know how it works out for you. I wish you success in both endeavors.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

thank you for the suggestions.... btw have been doing mixed workout these days and will be doin it for a few more days as my exams are going on.
by the way sir i think u were right that am overtraining my body in that earlier schedule.
so how many days a week i should workout???
as my body is ectomorph type so have seen a new schedule n i changed it a bit as u advised ... it is like this
day3:triceps and back
sir please rectify this schedule also if it doesnt suits me... cz i want to gain muscle and strength both... nd m sorry my exams are going on thats why i checked your answer so late.... n sir is it ok to perform abs workout everyday?nd sir have gained 2kg weight in last 4months so am 58kgs now... :-)


Hi there. You can actually work out every day or every other day. The question is not how many days can you workout, but rather what do you do on those days. Lets talk about weightlifting. The main thing is not to workout the same muscles 2 days in a row as they need 24-48 hours to repair themselves. When you lift you tear the muscle fibers, when they repair themselves you get stronger and bigger (assuming you are training for this goal). So if you lift in the day time you actually grow at night when you are sleeping. That is why you do not want to work lats one day and then biceps the next. You are interfering with the biceps growth by not letting it repair since they were being used (secondarily) when you were working the lats. I would advise you to re-evaluate my previous response to get an idea of what muscles to work on a particular day. Now, you can do cardio inbetween your lifting days or martial arts or whatever. You appear very busy with school, therefore you may want to do a full body workout on your lift days and then do cardio or even take a day off and then do a full body workout the next, etc. Don't get so regimented in particular workouts. Follow the general rules I have given in both of my responses and you can find what schedules work best for you. Keep in mind, your body will eventually get used to a regimen and you will know this when you stop seeing results. When that happens revamp you schedule to trick your muscles either by alternating particular exercises and/or reps.
Good luck!


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