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Hi Greg,

I just have a quick question for you. I'm in grade twelve and I've been working out for a while just to tone and build a little bit of muscle. I've always been naturally thin, I weigh about 106 pounds standing 5'4. Since it's a big year in school sometimes I can't get around to my workout routine of every other day, if I skip a work out from time to time and work out every third or fourth day - is this really that big of a deal? I have noticed some big changes in definition and I was wondering if skipping workouts will make me lose this or become weak faster.

Thank-you for your time!


Assuming you are not an athlete and do not need competitive skills, which I gather from you mentioning that you just want to tone and build up a bit, it is ok not to workout every day or every other day. I would not advise going much longer without physical activity. Notice I said physical activity, not working out. Of course working out would be optimal, especially if you are seeing results as you mentioned, you will want to build on this growth. Now if you are to busy wo get to the gym as often as you would like, you can make up for it by maybe walking very fast on campus or to and from you car, or even go for a 15 minute walk around the block. You can even take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try taking taking two steps in stead of one, when going up stairs to hit your glutes, hamstrings and quads. You can bang out some jumping jacks and lunges in your room or where ever or jump rope, maybe go for a bike ride. The idea is to stay active and you will be just fine.
Hayle I think you will find these ideas beneficial, if you need further advice don't hesitate to write back.
Best of luck.


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