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i recently came across a bench press calculator on www.muscleandstrength.com website that claims to calculate your 1 rep max.  do you know how well this thing works?  im curious because i calculates my 1 rep max at about 430.  i dont lift heavy, i go for reps, so i do 290 17-18 times per set, then i move up 10lbs only after im able to go this repetitively.

I never heard of a bench press calculator. So I went to your web site. Thanks. Personally, years ago I was doing bench presses with a power rack. For 100% safety. That way I could lift a lot heavier than normal. No crushed necks for me.

I ended up with a lot of bone and muscle damage because bench reps is not normal for the human body. But, if bench reps are for you, I would suggest you definitely do a 1-bench-press. How to determine your max? Have a qood spotting machine, such as a power rack. Not people to spot for you. Lift and HOLD the press for 1 minute. If you can hold the weight up for 1 minute, gradually increase what you are lifting. Once a week is more than adequate. Use fractional weight plates to increase the weight by 1 pound per week. 10 lb. jumps is too much. One day you will reach a lift where you no longer can lift and hold the weight for 1 minute. That is your maximum lift.

Everyone has a max lift. That is why power lifters can lift heavy, to a point!

PS working toward a goal of max lift will greatly increase your body mass. Which is good. But eventually you will grow to big, you will not be able to get into a car seat or a movie theater seat, which is NOT good. Then you will have to cut back on what you are lifting.

PPS I reached my MAX LIFT when I was age 50. Mostly shoulder presses with 1 lift and a power rack. Now I am age 60 and my mass and size has not changed for 10 years.

Thanks for the question. Good luck.  

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