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Hi everyone! I am 15 years old, at 5'5 ft, weight 147 pounds and am a girl. I never really took notice on how i have a big butt, hips and thighs but ever since one of my friends pointed that out, i've grown deeply insecure about that lower part of my body :( I absolutely hate how fat i am in my lower region. i guess i am a pear shape after all. I've been following a healthy diet ever since i can remmeber but still sometimes i snack in every now and then. My biggest issue i think would be exersicing. Everytime i attempt to walk on the treadmill, it goes well at first but then i give up a couple days later ( i know, pathetic ) maybe its because i lack motivation or because i think its all useless and that i'm doing somthing wrong. But i dont care, because that will change now, i WILL and KEEP exersicing even though I'm very lazy. I get tired ALL the time, i don't know why though maybe its because i'm a teenager or something. Anyway, Is there any specific exersice that would help me lose weight in my lower part ( butt, hips and thighs ) ? if there is, can you please please please tell me what is it, how to do it, when to do it and many times should i do it? thank you so much! i really appreciate it! =)

Hello Holly

Let's first go back in time. Thousands of years ago, and for thousands of years, people walked across the plains of Africa. The only time people ran was toward live food, or away from animals that eat meat. So running, which is exercise, triggers a fear emotion automatically in ALL of us.

Fast forward to today. You and I, and every one else, starts to exercise. And that FEAR emotion triggers automatically. Damn, I feel strange. I will exercise tomorrow...

So the way around this is to get up, get on the treadmill, do 20-30 steps, and stop. That is your exercise for today. The treadmill is a good weight loss exercise.

Before you go to bed, 20-30 more steps on the treadmill.

Do this every day. Take exercise in small amounts.

Does it work. Yes, but very slowly. The changes DO come, for the better. But only photographs, and others, will see the difference. You will look in the mirror and not see any change. The way we are all wired.

In exercise, a little goes a long way.  

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Ask this! - Why do all the self-help books, the exercise books, the weightlifting books, and the weight-lifting magazines - are written by (mostly) guys who are in fantastic (photo enhanced) physical shape who are in their 20's and 30's in age, telling all of us how "we" can look like them, if ONLY we forget we have jobs, families, many physical limitations, daily life responsibilities, and especially NO TIME to go to the gym every day, only by the time they reach age 40-50, or older, we never see, or hear from them - ever again?


OK, now I am 62-YEARS-OLD. Retired at age 60! I have been lifting weights for 28 years. I have learned 'first-hand' which exercises work, which do not. Exercises that you do NOT need to attend a gym to achieve, exercises that you will use very minimal equipment, and exercises for people with limitations such as sickness, age, and/or injuries. I can especially tell you which exercise machine you see in magazines or on tv; REALLY work. I have tried most everything myself.

None. I do not have the time to belong to organizations.

I answer questions on Yahoo questions. Search 'The Terminator Fan.'

I have a business degree. For exercise, taught me to keep good diaries on what exercises I am doing.

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