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 I hit gym everyday but sometimes due to extra work I do miss some days and I feel bad that I couldn keep up with it. So I am here for an expert's advice. Is it OK if I hit gym 2 twice a day but workout for 4 parts two each. For example today, I couldn go to gym because I reached home late. My work gets over mostly by 11 30 pm and I hit gym from 12 30am to 2 or 230. Yeah I am a fitness freak. And today Is my chest and biceps day and tomorrow is my back and leg day. So is it okay if I workout tomorrow at 4 pm for chest and biceps- sleep for some hours work then again workout my back and legs?? Thank you and waiting for you expert reply.


Hi Ali,

If I am understanding your question correctly, you are asking about training twice a day, with a time gap in between the two sessions.  This is known as "double sessions".  People who train a lot have been know to do this, but it is not a rule, and it's not always necessary.  If you like doing it, and it is does not adversely affect you, then yes, it is OK to train this way, as you have described, but it does lead into my next statement as a word of caution.

You mentioned that you train everyday.  While it is recommended to exercise most days of the week, hardcore training everyday can set someone up for over-training.  This can mean several things, but one is that you are not giving your body ample amount of time to recover between workouts.  So if you ever find yourself short on time for one day occasionally, you could take that day off.  See how you feel doing it.  A day off here and there will most likely make you more productive in the gym, not less.


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