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I'm 19 years old, female, weighs 110 pounds, current body fat is around 25%.

A few months ago I started jogging (about 4 times a week) but after 2 months of that I stressed my knees and now the doctor told me to avoid jogging/running/lunges.

My goal is to increase my strength and get my body fat down to 20-18% within 4 months. I have to avoid jogging (but I will be learning swimming soon). I don't have access to a gym so I can only rely on home workouts. I am looking into doing full bodyweight workouts, if I do that how many days in a week should I workout?

Please advice me on how i can achieve my goal, really appreciate the help you can give.


That is the correct body fat % you should be shooting for, good for you. Also you definitely should stay away from running and jogging as the impact is very bad for your knees (as you found out) as well as you feet and ankles. Now you can do power walking or brisk walking, which is walking very fast and pumping your arms, as this will raise you heart rate and burn calories. If you can find terrain with some hills, that would be most beneficial. You could walk very fast up the hills, then slow down a bit on the declines, then walk fast again up hill. This cycling is going to tax your cardiovascular system and really get the blood pumping. If you can find a bicycle that would also be very good for you to help you reach your goal. Now, as far as bodyweight exercises, you can do push-ups (start on your knees to build upper body strength, then progess to being on the balls of your feet. You can stand with your back against a wall and do squats, while holding something heavy such as bags of canned vegetables, rocks, dirt or whatever. This is another way of lifting weights as well. You can put something in  a bag and do arm curls and shoulder raises. If you can get to a computer and go to youtube.com you can punch in various exercies if you need help in how to do them correctly. The best way to lose body fat is to do high intensity exercise for short burts, followed by moderate or steady speed exercise, then go all out fast again. So while walking up hill, go as fast as possible for a couple minutes, then slow down for a few minutes, then go all out again. Do this for 20 minutes or so and you will start seeing results very soon. If you tell me more about what types of things you have access to I can assist further if you would like. The most important thing is to eat right and exercise often and several times (say 3 times a week) go all out in your workouts. I hope this is a good starting point for you Sara,feel free to write back with any additional questions. I wish you success in attaining your goal.

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