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I have been trying to follow a heart-rate training program to improve my aerobic endurance for running.  I've gone through P-90X and have built strength, but if you know P-90X, you know that endurance is not a key part.  I am trying to determine my maximum heart rate.  Website formulas tell me that since I am 34, it should be between 185 and 190.  Yet when I track it over a hard run or intense cardio workout, I have peaked to 210, and even once to 240!  I am 5'10" and 185lbs.   Is my heart rate monitor broken or do I just have a really high MHR?  I am using a Garmin Forerunner chest-strap monitor, so it's not a cheap watch-style one.
Also, I see you are in Mt. Airy.  I am in Baltimore.  Is there somewhere I can go locally to get a professional MHR done?

Hi Joel I do not have great answers for you, so take it for what it is worth.  The website formulas can have a pretty high deviation both high and low for a lot of people, so they are not very reliable.

A MHR over 200 is pretty high, most doctors will tell you it isn't even possible to get to 240 and call the equipment failure.

In my experience I have only ever had one client extremely close to that 200 mark and it ended up that she was taking pills she should not have been.

If you were my client and your heart rate was that high I would definitely have you discuss this with your doctor before further vigorous exercise.

Keep in mind 2-3 things;there are certain drugs that play a role in changing your heart rate and blood pressure, your current level of conditioning will change your exercise heart rate, and lastly your resting heart rate will play a role.

I am sorry I am not really answering your question, talk with your doctor.  I am not exactly sure where they do testing, however I think there may be a gym in Columbia that may do some of that kind of testing, also ask your doctor.

Good luck!  

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